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Revamp your Salon Experience with Salon Designers’ Meraki Wax for Superior Face Hair Removal Results

Lahore, Pakistan, 18th Jan 2024, King NewsWireWonderful face hair removal wax procedure by the Salon Designers Meraki Wax. Hair waxing is one of the most important procedures executed in a beauty salon. Hair waxing is a procedure that is used to get rid of extra hair on one’s body. Every woman craves to get flawless and shiny skin that is spotless and hair-free. Extra hair on the face gives an unpleasant appearance and requires to be fixed. Therefore, hair waxing is an ideal solution for removing facial hair. 

What are the different methods of superior face hair removal?

 Face hair removal can be tricky and even painful. But the procedure requires to be done meticulously, however, here are a few methods for facial hair removal that cause less pain: 


Tweezers can be used to keep the eyebrow in shape and to get rid of hair on your chin and upper lips. It is the most convenient and affordable technique.

Hair removal/ depilatory creams: 

Nowadays there are several creams and lotions that are applied to the face and then you can wipe them off to get a smooth skin. This method is pain-free but post-procedure you can experience irritation. 


Threading is also a most used technique for hair removal. It is the traditional technique that removes hair using a cotton thread. The hair is plucked from the hair follicle and the results last up to 6 months. The procedure can be painful but it is the safest hair removal technique.


Laser is one of the modern hair removal techniques used now a days. The revolutionaryhair removal results last for extended periods. The hair removal can be for a year or more but it is not permanent.

 These are a few hair removal techniques. Waxing is considered the most convenient procedure these days. 

Two Types of Wax: 

However, there are two types of wax: 

  • Hard Wax
  • Soft Wax 

For facial hair removal, hard wax is an ideal choice. Meraki Wax for salon professionals is also hard wax that allows the professionals to effectively remove the facial hair of their clients. 

There are numerous kinds of hard wax available at the Salon Designers:

  1. Meraki Beads Strip less Hair Removal Wax 
  2. Azulene Hot Film Wax
  3. Meraki Hard Strip less Film Wax Cube
  4. Meraki Roll On Wax Cartridge 

These are the famous types of wax that are available at the Salon Designers. They are great for professionals as they allow salon experience enhancement to your customers at wonderful prices and work wonders to get rid of the unwanted facial hair.

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